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Gillingham Scouts

Upcoming events

St George's Day Bake Off
24th - 25th April 2021

District Funday
4th July 2021

Virtual Sun & Run Camp (B/C/S)
23rd - 25th July 2021

District Awards Presentation
9th October 2021

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  • Infinity & Beyond - Parachute
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  • Infinity & Beyond - Magnets
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District Explorer Units

Octane Explorer Scout Unit - meets on Fridays at the 1st Gillingham HQ

Hydra Explorer Scout Unit - meets on Fridays at the 22nd Gillingham HQ

Agathoid Explorer Scout Unit - meets on Thursdays at the 8th Gillingham HQ

Poseidon Explorer Scout Unit - meets on Fridays at the 4th Gillingham HQ

Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit - meets on Tuesdays at the 21st Gillingham HQ

For further information on Explorer Scouts please email explorers@gillinghamscouts.org.uk

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